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Why Mobile Websites Are Critical For Your Business

Your customers are already mobile, using their mobile devices for many things – including going online to find mobile websites while searching for local businesses. And I purposely said “to find mobile websites” because a full 60% of mobile users EXPECT a website to load in 3 seconds or less before abandoning a site and moving on to the competition, while 74% will only wait 5 seconds or less. Only mobile websites can load at those speeds because they are a separate “slimmed down” version of your primary website.

Twenty percent of monthly searches are for local businesses, and local mobile search volume is growing exponentially at 50% every year.

If your website is not mobile friendly, it will cost you. A non-mobile friendly site does not display correctly on a mobile device causing difficulty in viewing fonts that sometimes become illegible because they are so small; not to mention that mobile users need to scroll and zoom, which quickly frustrates many mobile users. And if your primary website uses Flash, you can be sure Apple device users will not be able to view those sites, as Flash is not supported by Apple.

Remember too, a mobile users connection speeds are considerably slower with most connecting via 3G, compared to high-speed internet speeds that most desktop users enjoy. Mobile users are just that – mobile, and on the go.

A humorous fact is that 23% of adults have cursed at their mobile devices when a site does not load quickly. Less humorous facts are that 40% have given up on websites that do not load quickly enough and move on to competitors sites, with 57% saying they will not recommend businesses with faulty mobile websites.

Google states a harsh fact that mobile users EXPECT their experience while on their mobile device to be as good as their desktop experience. Seventy-one percent EXPECT the mobile websites to load as fast as the desktop sites and 78% will only retry mobile websites two times (or less!) if it does not load initially.

The good news is, is that 90% of mobile users have searched for local businesses online with 50% of those searches leading to a sale. Sixty-one percent call after searching with 59% actually visiting the business location; all with a full 90% of mobile users acting on those searches within 24 hours. Eighty percent research online before purchasing within a 10-20 mile radius.

Mobile websites are still vastly under-utilized with seventy-seven percent of top companies’ websites taking longer than 5 seconds to load and less than 5% of online businesses even having mobile websites. This stands in vast contrast to the 51% of smartphone users who are more likely to purchase from retailers with mobile websites that load smoothly and quickly, giving the mobile user what they are looking for with no hassle.

To take action now and move your business into the mobile marketing arena with mobile marketing budget projections for 2012 expected to exceed 500 million dollars, revealing just how enormous the mobile marketing industry is becoming and in which direction advertising is moving, your business will have a huge competitive advantage while others are still playing the ‘wait and see’ card before adopting mobile websites and other forms of mobile marketing.

Mobile research shows that more trust and confidence is placed in handheld devices when making online purchases over desktop computers because of the virus threats that frequently plague desktop computers – which translates into quite an opportunity for businesses that recognize this and add mobile marketing to their advertising strategies.

By 2013, Google says that more people will use their mobile devices over desktop computers to get online. Further, by 2014, internet access via mobile devices should overtake desktop computer users! That’s pretty astounding.

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